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Quest, The

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This NBC series was set in the West during the 1890s and told the story of two young brothers in search of their long-lost sister.

Several years before, Morgan Beaudine (Kurt Russell) and his sister Patricia had been captured by Cheyenne Indians and become separated. Morgan had been raised by the Cheyenne but was now living in the white man’s world, though he actually trusted the Indians more than he did the whites.

His brother Quentin (Tim Matheson), meanwhile, was educated in San Francisco and planned to be a doctor. Together these two young men set out in search of their sister.

Morgan affected Indian dress, spoke fluent Cheyenne, and understood Indian customs well enough to get them out of dangerous situations when they encountered unfriendly red men. He even had an Indian name, “Two Persons”.

The time seemed ripe for a successful Western when this series premiered. The season before had seen not a single Western on prime-time network television, for the first time in more than 20 years.

There was plenty of action and violence on The Quest but it could not compete with ABC’s new entry opposite it, Charlie’s Angels, and the series lasted just three months.

Morgan Beaudine
Kurt Russell
Quentin Beaudine
Tim Matheson