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Quincy M.E.

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 8 3 (USA)
5 x 120 minute episodes
143 x 60 minute episodes

Jack Klugman starred in this crime drama as an uncompromising Los Angeles Medical Examiner who always interjected in the battle to fight crime. Quincy solved murder after murder for seven healthy seasons.

One mystery left unsolved, though, was Quincy’s first name. Only the first initial “R” has ever been revealed (on a close up of his business card).


Beginning life in the USA as part of the NBC Mystery Movie anthology series, Quincy M.E. (the ‘M.E.’ was dropped from the title in Britain) proved popular enough to be promoted to its own slot.

Quincy had turned his back on his lucrative medical practice to work for the Los Angeles County Coroners Office, where he was ably assisted by young colleague Sam Fujiyama.

Impulsive and headstrong, Quincy was not averse to leaving behind his microscope and venturing outside to conduct investigations of his own, much to the consternation of his boss, Dr Robert J. Asten and police chief Frank Monahan.

In later seasons, the series attempted to face up to real issues such as drug abuse among teenage athletes.

In private Quincy frequented a bar known as Danny’s Place (the owner was played by Val Bisoglio), and dated a girl by the name of Lee Potter but the romance with Lee didn’t last and eventually, Quincy met and married psychiatrist, Emily Hanover.

quincy26In 1989 Jack Klugman developed throat cancer and had part of his larynx removed, leaving his voice extremely gruff.

Nonetheless, he continued to appear on TV and in feature films until his death in December 2012.

Jack Klugman
Coroner Robert Astin 

John Ragin
Sam Fujiyama 

Robert Ito
Dr Robert J. Asten 

John S. Ragin
Chief Frank Monahan 

Garry Walberg
Lee Potter 

Lynette Mettey
Emily Hanover 

Anita Gillette