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Richie Brockelman, Private Eye

1 9 7 8 (USA)
5 x 60 minute episodes

This short-lived series was a failed spin-off from an episode of The Rockford Files (‘The House on Willis Avenue’ in season four) in which Richie Brockleman appeared as a fellow PI helping Jim Rockford.

Much like Rockford, 21-year-old Brockleman (Dennis Dugan) was always one step ahead of his creditors and drove a cool, but somewhat battered car (a Mustang).

Unlike Rockford, Richie was able to use his youthful looks to his advantage in his cases, which included clearing his brother, Sidney (David Spielberg), of embezzlement.

Since almost no one, criminal or police, took the youthful-looking sleuth seriously, he was able to talk his way into and out of all sorts of dangerous situations in the course of his investigations.

Sharon (Barbara Bosson) was Richie’s trusted secretary and Sgt. Coopersmith (Robert Hogan) his sceptical police contact.

Richie Brockleman
Dennis Dugan
Sergeant Ted Coppersmith
Robert Hogan
Sharon Diederson
Barbara Bosson
Mr Brockelman
John Randolph
Sidney Brockelman
David Spielberg


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