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1 9 7 3 (UK)
13 x 10 minute episodes

With a simple set consisting of giant brightly-coloured building blocks on a cyclorama in a studio at Television Centre, Derek Griffiths presented Ring-a-Ding armed with just a guitar and a few minimal props.

His one-man performance took in the worlds of rhyme, song and imagination as he conjured up a mother duck and her ducklings with just his hands and the power of mime then grabbed his guitar to belt out a song about happy feet, before telling a story about a wellington boot that was convinced it was a hat.

There were also games such as matching a selection of shoes to the right people or figuring out which animal Griffiths had stealthily removed from a farmyard scene.

First aired in January 1973, Ring-a-Ding ran for 13 episodes as part of the Watch with Mother slot at lunchtimes alongside broadcasts of Teddy Edward.