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On The Rocks

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 6 (USA)
24 x 30 minute episodes

At the height of the success of the UK sitcom Porridge (starring Ronnie Barker), writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais instigated an American adaptation of the series, entitled On The Rocks, with ABC.

After weathering initial criticism from the US National Association For Justice, which worried it painted too rosy a picture of prison life, the series – set in Alamese Minimum Security Prison – enjoyed some success, especially with its employment of real-life inmates as extras and walk-ons. The UK series had done likewise.


Running to 24 episodes in 1975 and 1976, the US version starred José Perez as the scheming Hector Fuentes, and Mel Stewart as his adversary, the stern prison officer Mr Gibson.

Fuentes’ accomplices were his three cellmates – cool DeMott (Hal Williams), timid Palik (Bobby Sandler) and oafish Cleaver (Rick Hurst).

The more inmate-friendly and lenient guard, Mr Sullivan, was portrayed by Tom Poston. Warden Wilbur Poindexter was played by Logan Ramsey.

A proposed spin-off called I’ll Never Forget What’s Her Name introduced Rosa Dolores, the cousin of prisoner Hector Fuentes as a New York girl who dreams of becoming a star in Hollywood. Her adventures with her girlfriend (Lillian)
and her ex-con boyfriend (Howie) as she struggled to make a name for herself were to be the focal point of the unsold series. A pilot was produced featuring Rita Moreno in the lead role.

Hector Fuentes
José Pérez
Mr Gibson
Mel Stewart
Rick Hurst
Nicky Palik
Bobby Sandler
Lester DeMott
Hal Williams
Mr Sullivan
Tom Poston
Warden Wilbur Poindexter
Logan Ramsey
Jack Grimes