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Rocky O’Rourke

1 9 7 6 (UK)
4 x 25 minute episodes

13-year-old Rocky O’Rourke (Michael Mills) lives in the least affluent area of Liverpool and has two very different ambitions: to be a professional footballer or a successful crook.

As the leader of a street gang called ‘The Cats’, he is well on his way to being notable in the latter, stowing away in lorries and breaking into abandoned buildings.

But it’s not enough for Rocky. He idolises his big brother Joey (Alan Pope) – who is currently spending time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure – and looks forward to pulling off a really big job to earn his brother’s respect.

Rocky soon comes to appreciate the frailties of his ambitions when he becomes entangled in the activities of a very real and dangerous villain.

The series was based on the novel A Pair of Jesus Boots by Sylvia Sherry and aired in the US as The Liverpool Cats.

Rocky O’Rourke
Michael Mills
James Hoey
Eamonn Deery
Peter Chan
Alan Pope
Kenny Walker
John Dalziel
Davey Oliver
Bob Keegan
Mrs Flanagan
Hilary Crane
PC McMahon
Bernard Holley
Bill Dean
Eddie Ross
Mrs Oliver
Ina Clough
Tom Georgeson
Mrs Abercrombie
Helena McCarthy