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Rogue’s Rock

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 6 (UK)
27 x 30 minute episodes

The tiny independent island of Rogue’s Rock – situated off the south coast of Britain – was run by Commander Rogue (Clive Morton), helped by his loyal retainer Hawkins (Harold Goodwin) and Will Polberry (Royston Tickner), the local wide-boy – the only person on the island with a television.

When two German strangers arrived on the island searching for a shipwreck believed to contain a priceless cargo, everyone on the island became caught up in an international plot to lay claim to the treasure.


In the second series, mysterious underwater beacons were discovered off the coast of Rogue’s Rock and the intrepid band of islanders had to cope with a new threat to their independence.

Donald Hewlett (Colonel Reynolds from It Ain’t ‘Alf Hot, Mum) joined the second series to play the part of Wing Commander Rogue.

‘Wingco’ as he was dubbed, was called in to take over the island – with his old biplane which comprised the island’s entire airforce – when his brother Julius had to go and represent the island at the United Nations (Clive Morton had passed away following completion of the first series).

Wingco was soon embroiled in thrilling adventures involving an exiled African princess, an underwater invasion and a takeover by a mob of gangsters. He was helped by two intrepid young assistants, Tom (Graham Simpson) and Avengers-girl type Jane (Susan Dury).

This afternoon kid’s serial mixed comedy with adventure and was produced by Southern Television. Filming took place on the tiny island of Herm in the Channel Isles.

roguesrock4Commander Julius Rogue
Clive Morton
Wing Commander ‘Wingco’ Rogue
Donald Hewlett
Will Polberry
Royston Tickner
Harold Goodwin
Graham Simpson
Jane Steele
Susan Dury