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Roll Out!

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA)
30 minute episodes

Roll Out! was based on the fantasy that World War II was a barrel of fun – something the makers of Hogan’s Heroes worked on very successfully for many years.

rollout3Set in France, the series was about the (mostly black) truck drivers of the 5050th Trucking Company, known as the “Red Ball Express” – a unit that specialised in getting supplies to the soldiers at the front line.

Stu Gilliam was Corporal ‘Sweet’ Williams, a smooth-talking draftee from Harlem. Hilly Hicks was his offsider, Pfc Jed Brooks, and Mel Stewart was tough First Sergeant B.J. Bryant.

Val Bisoglio was the C.O, Captain Calvelli, and Ed Begley Jr. was the rather hopeless Second Lieutenant Chapman.


When the men weren’t delivering supplies, they found their fun at a nightclub near their base which was run by Madame Dalacort as played by Penny Santon.

Corporal ‘Sweet’ Williams
Stu Gilliam
PFC Jed Brooks

Hilly Hicks
Sgt B.J. Bryant

Mel Stewart
Captain Rocco Calvelli

Val Bisoglio
Lt Robert W Chapman

Ed Begley Jr

Garrett Morris

Darrow Igus
Phone Booth

Rod Gist
High Strung

Theodore Wilson
Madame Delacort

Penny Santon