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Room Service

1 9 7 9 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This 1979 Thames Television comedy series was written by Jimmy Perry without his usual writing partner David Croft. It’s probably kindest to say they obviously worked better together!

Charles Spooner (Bryan Pringle) is the put upon manager of the room service department of a swanky London hotel. The staff are all incompetent. Some of them are foreign.

The script tries too hard to be funny (and fails), the situations are cliched and the over-enthusiastic cast just seems embarrassing. There are too many characters and not enough jokes.

The critics dismissed it as one of the worst TV sitcoms ever made and the series was dropped after seven episodes.

Charles Spooner
Bryan Pringle
Aldo de Vito
Freddie Earlle
Dick Sedgewick
Matthew Kelly
Mr Morris
Basil Lord
Judi Maynard
Penelope Nice
Michael Petrovitch
Chris Gannon
Mrs McGregor
Jeillo Edwards
Tin Tin
Ric Young
Neville Rofalia
Gertan Klauber
Tony Alleff