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1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 7 (UK)
120 x 30 minute episodes

Thames TV produced this series about the comings and goings in a large London house which had been divided into bed-sitters and rented out to a variety of characters.

Self-contained tales unfolded thrice-weekly of the variously unfortunate inhabitants of the bed sitting rooms of 35 Mafeking Terrace, West Kensington.

The owner, Dorothy, was played by attractive 38-year-old Sylvia Kay, with Bryan Marshall as her husband, Clive, who would rather live off the tenants’ rents than get a steady job.

Dorothy Lawson
Sylvia Kay
Clive Lawson
Bryan Marshall 
Carol West

Jenny Twigge
Ian West
Ian Redford
Baby Alison West
Charlotte Lancaster (1)
Philippa Gill-Donald (2)
Mrs Beale
Anne Dyson
Brian Kettle
William Marlowe
Lesley Losey
Julie Shipley
Ruth Harris
Jill Gascoine
Kathy Singer
Ann Curthoys
Geoff Austin
Michael Boughen
Cheryl Branker
Linda Todd
Diana Berriman 
Jim Wilson
Ray Smith
Gavin Singer
Michael Lees
Mrs Beck
Pat Ashton
James Passmore
Donald Burton
Fay Passmore
Mary Miller
Don Harris
John Barcroft