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Rosie/Growing Pains of PC Penrose, The

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 8 1 (UK)
34 x 30 minute episode

First broadcast as The Growing Pains of PC Penrose, this whimsical sitcom (by whimsical sitcom maestro Roy Clarke) focused on the mishaps of naive probationary constable Michael Penrose (Paul Greenwood) – nicknamed Rosie, much to his embarrassment.

The setting was (largely) the North Yorkshire town of Raven’s Bay – a fictitious name derived by coupling the names Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay, two seaside villages near Scarborough where the series was filmed.


Here, Rosie was dominated by his mother Millie (Avril Elgar and then Patricia Kneale), her sister Aunt Ida (Lorraine Peters), and girlfriend Gillian (Frankie Jordan).

Headstrong and slovenly police partner PC Wilmot (Tony Haygarth) was his male companion.

Actor Paul Greenwood co-wrote and sang the theme song.

PC Michael ‘Rosie’ Penrose
Paul Greenwood
Sgt Flagg
Bryan Pringle
PC Wilmot
Tony Haygarth
Millie Penrose
Avril Elgar (1)
Patricia Kneale (2)
Auntie Ida
Lorraine Peters
Gillian Chiselhurst
Frankie Jordan
Uncle Norman
Allan Surtees
WPC Brenda Whatmough
Penny Leatherbarrow
Robert Gillespie
Chief Inspector Dunwoody
Paul Luty
Geraldine Gardner
Big Cyril
Dudley Jones
Janet Dale


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