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Rule Britannia!

1 9 7 5 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Average Englishman George Bradshaw (Tony Melody) is bearing up to married life when he suddenly remembers his promise to his three former HMS Andrew shipmates – Scotsman Jock McGregor (Russell Hunter), Irishman Paddy O’Brien (Joe Lynch) and Welshman Taffy Evans (Richard Davies) – to meet up 25 years later, and that day is tomorrow!

Elated, George prepares for hours of happy reverie but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – the woman being his wife, Lil (Jo Warne). “They won’t turn up,” she says.

But they do. And as is the way of life, they’ve all changed.

The one-night reunion turns into a regular affair as the four re-cement their friendship and transform monotony into mirthful mayhem. Each reflects the traditional rivalries of their native lands and each is intensely proud of his own country and contemptuous of the others.

As the weeks go by, Taffy, Jock and Paddy lead George further astray but worse is to come when Jock wins a fortune on his one and only Premium Bond and the boys decide to celebrate. Until a French girl turns up with the claim that one of them could be her father. With their track record, anything is possible.

Along the way, the four enjoy a drunken visit to Blackpool and enter a talent contest at the Britannia Arms.

The Thames Television series was written by comedy stalwart Vince Powell and aired on Wednesday nights.

George Bradshaw
Tony Melody
Lil Bradshaw
Jo Warne
Jock McGregor
Russell Hunter
Paddy O’Brien
Joe Lynch
Taffy Evans
Richard Davies
Carol Mills


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