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Runaway Summer, The

1 9 7 1 (UK)
4 x 25 minute episodes

Mary (Carol Davis) is spending the summer holidays at the seaside with her Grandfather (John Welsh) and Aunt Alice (Beryl Cooke). Mary is a very badly behaved young girl at first, frustrated and angry at the imminent divorce of her parents – in the first episode she steals sweets from a seafront kiosk.

She meets local boy Simon (Stephen Bone) and together they become involved with a young Kenyan boy who lands on the beach by boat as an illegal immigrant. Mary and Simon decide to try and hide the boy from the authorities until they can find his uncle in London.

The Runaway Summer is largely about lies and secrets: the children hiding Krishna (Jeffrey Sirr) from the authorities; Simon knowing more than he lets on about Mary, who tells him ridiculous stories about a cruel step-aunt; and Simon’s personal refuge (an island hideaway where they take Krishna for safety).

Carol Davis
Stephen Bone
Jeffrey Sirr
John Welsh
Aunt Alice
Beryl Cooke
Mrs Carver
Hilda Fenemore
PC Trumpet
John Flint
Gran Trumpet
Phillada Sewell
Arthur Adair