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Sally Ann

1 9 7 9 (UK)
8 x 60 minute episodes

This Sunday night drama series from Southern Television was a sensitive and sometimes humorous view of a group of Salvation Army volunteers.

The series showed the Salvationists at work in the Citadel and in the Hostel – where they did not always agree on the best course to follow – and at home, where they faced the same day-to-day problems as any other families.

The Citadel was administered by Major Gibbs (Frank Mills) and his wife (Stephanie Cole), who found they had problems with their two children, Hannah (Julia Chambers) and Bramwell (Philip DaCosta), who both found themselves at an age when they had to come to terms with growing up within the Salvation Army – or leaving.

Sam Kydd played Pike, the commissionaire at the Hostel run by Major Cartwright (Gerald James) with the aid of Lieutenant Mary Barker (Carol Leader).

Pike had seen the rough life and so understood the problems and difficulties facing the people who came to the Hostel because he had been through it himself.

Major Gibbs
Frank Mills
Mrs Major Gibbs
Stephanie Cole
Hannah Gibbs
Julia Chambers
Bramwell Gibbs
Philip DaCosta
Major Cartwright
Gerald James
Lt Mary Barker
Carol Leader
Sam Kydd
James Pope
Frederick Treves


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