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1 9 7 6 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

Sara Yarnell (Brenda Vaccaro) is a pretty but determined and strong schoolteacher who leaves what she considers to be a dull existence in Philadelphia to teach school in the west in 1870.

She settles in Independence, Colorado where a one-room school had been established but had been abandoned. She re-establishes the school and subsequent episodes relate her struggles to teach the children (and adults) of a growing town in a ruthless territory.

Sara befriends Julia (Mariclare Costello) and George (William Wintersole) Bailey, and their son Georgie (Kraig Metzinger) – and their housekeeper, Claranet (Silvia Soares) – and local rancher Emmett Ferguson (Bert Kramer).

Other regular characters include Martin Pope (Albert Stratton), the publisher of the town newspaper (The Bulletin); town mayor Claude Barstow (William Phipps); boarding house owner Martha Higgins (Louise Latham), her husband Samuel (Al Henderson) and their daughters, Emma (Hallie Morgan) and Deborah (Debbie Leyton), and rancher Frank Dixon (Jerry Hardin).

Sara Yarnell
Brenda Vaccaro
Emmett Ferguson
Bert Kramer
Martin Pope
Albert Stratton
Julia Bailey
Mariclare Costello
George Bailey
William Wintersole
Martha Higgins
Louise Latham
Samuel Higgins
Al Henderson
Emma Higgins
Hallie Morgan
Deborah Higgins
Debbie Leyton
Claude Bristow
William Phipps
Georgie Bailey
Kraig Metzinger
Silvia Soares
Claude Barstow
William Edward Phipps
Frank Dixon
Jerry Hardin