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Saturday Scene

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 7 (UK)

Any self-respecting teenyboppers were glued to the telly on Saturday mornings in the mid-70s to watch the LWT glam rock showcase Saturday Scene presented by pint-sized popstress (and future Tiswas co-host) Sally James.


There was music and there were intimate chats with David Cassidy, Alvin Stardust, Gary Glitter, Sparks, The Sweet and Showaddywaddy.

The morning-long show featured the pop sounds of 45 (hosted by Kid Jensen) and regular favourites like Tarzan, Joe 90, The Partridge Family, Walt Disney cartoons and Junior Police 5.

One of the programmes incorporated into Saturday Scene was London Bridge, a magazine-type show aimed at viewers aged from 11 to 16.

Considerably more anarchic than anything on “the other side” at that time and with James’ eye for current fashion ensuring a regular audience of dads as well, Saturday Scene‘s success pushed James – hitherto a little-known actress – firmly into the public eye with regular columns in Look-In and other publications and even a short-lived recording career.

The show was renamed Supersonic Saturday Scene in 1977 when pop show Supersonic was merged back into the show which gave birth to it originally in 1975.