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All Our Saturdays

1 9 7 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Following the end of Queenie’s Castle Yorkshire TV came up with a new sitcom for Diana Dors, also not without easy laughs but equally lacking in subtlety.

On All Our Saturdays she played the no-nonsense Di Dorkins – known as ”Big D” – who inherits a men’s underwear factory (Garsley Garments) in Yorkshire along with the firm’s Rugby League team which regularly sits at the bottom of the local league.

Tougher than her players, but determined to make men of them, Di takes over management of the team, renames them ‘The Frilly Things’ and sets about the job of winning matches at any cost.

Tony Caunter, also from Queenie’s Castle, supported.

Only six episodes were made and Dors never did another sitcom.

Di Dorkins
Diana Dors
Ken Hicks

Tony Caunter
Stan Maycock

Norman Jones
Trevor Fish

Roy Holder
Frank Bosomworth

Anthony Jackson

John Comer
Ronnie Rendell

Doug Fisher

Peter Sproule

Charles Boulton
Father O’Malley

Rio Fanning

Susan Littler
Referee Hoddeston

Harold Goodwin


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