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1 9 7 5 (Australia)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This brave six-part comedy series from Australia’s ABC starred Max Cullen as the titular character.

Claud Scattergood floated through the series living comfortably with no visible means of support. His back-story had him growing up on a farm in Murwillumbah, which made him strong and full of engaging character differences to city slickers.


His basic idea was always to do good, and his intentions were admirable.

But anyone Scattergood tangled with ended up in a worse mess that they started with once he started to ‘help’.

The character originally saw the light of day in 1971 when the ABC was probing for laughs with a short series called The Comedy Game. The series was written by Englishman Maurice Wiltshire, who worked with Spike Milligan on The Goon Show, and also on British comedy series The Army Game.

Claud Scattergood
Max Cullen