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Secret Garden, The

1 9 7 5 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

In 19th-century India, spoilt, ill-tempered young Mary Lennox (Sarah Hollis Andrews) is suddenly orphaned by cholera. Her only living relative is her crook-backed uncle, Archibald Craven (John Woodnutt), so Mary is sent to live at his remote estate on the Yorkshire moors.


Rude and unpleasant, Mary gradually begins to change as she explores the manor and grows to know some of the servants, particularly her maid Martha (Jacqueline Hoyle), and Ben Weatherstaff (Tom Harrison) the gardener.

With the help of a robin, Mary discovers a forgotten walled garden, abandoned and overgrown.

There she meets young Dickon (Andrew Harrison) – a local village lad – and makes him promise to keep the garden their secret.

She also discovers a cousin she never knew she had – secreted away in a hidden room in the house – and begins to form plans that transform her cousin, the garden, and ultimately herself.

Dickon and Mary take Colin to the secret garden where he begins to be cured of his tantrums and gradually discovers that he is able to walk again.

Mary Lennox
Sarah Hollis Andrews
Andrew Harrison
Colin Craven
David Patterson
Mr Archibald Craven
John Woodnutt
Mrs Medlock
Hope Johnstone
William Marsh
Jennie Goossens
Jacqueline Hoyle
Ben Weatherstaff
Tom Harrison
Mrs Sowerby
Lorraine Peters
Dr Craven
Richard Warner
Basil Clarke
‘Lizabeth Ellen
Alison Lowndes


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