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Senator, The

1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 1 (USA)

Junior Senator Hayes Stowe (Hal Holbrook) was a very idealistic politician. His goals were the betterment of society and the environment in which we live.

His affinity for getting involved with causes and issues of public concern did not endear him to the old-line professional politicians he had to deal with in Washington, and in trying to resolve problems he often stepped on the toes of entrenched business interests with impressive political connections.

With the help of Jordan Boyle, his administrative aide, and the support of his wife Erin (Sharon Acker) and his daughter Norma (Cindy Eilbacher), Hayes relentlessly fought for what he believed was right and just.

The Senator was one of the three rotating elements that comprised The Bold Ones during the 1970-1971 season.

The other two were The New Doctors and The Lawyers.

Senator Hayes Stowe
Hal Holbrook
Jordan Boyle
Michael Tolan
Erin Stowe
Sharon Acker
Norma Stowe
Cindy Eilbacher