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Sigmund and The Sea Monsters

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 5 (USA)
29 x 30 minute episodes

Sigmund Ooze is a sea monster. He’s also a huge embarrassment to his family because, unlike a normal sea monster, Sigmund has no desire to scare anybody.

He runs away from home rather than scare people and meets up with Johnny and Scott Stuart.

The three become best friends and Johnny (Johnny Whitaker) and Scott (Scott C. Kolden) keep Sigmund in their clubhouse.

Johnny and Scott spend their time alternately keeping Sigmund from being kidnapped by his family – primarily his brothers, Slurp and Blurp – and keeping him a secret from everyone else.

This Sid and Marty Krofft production wasn’t as trippy as the previous shows the brothers produced.

The first season focused on Sigmund’s relationship with Johnny and Scott, but things started sliding in the second season with the introduction of Rip Taylor as Sigmund’s genie, Sheldon.

The show went downhill fast during the third season when Sheldon’s young nephew, Shelby, arrived.

Sigmund Ooze 
Billy Barty
Johnny Stuart 

Johnny Whitaker
Scott Stuart 

Scott C. Kolden
Big Daddy Ooze 

Sharon Baird (costume)
Walker Edmiston (voice)

Pamelyn Ferdin

Fred Spencer
Paul Gale

Bill Germaine
Larry Larsen
Mrs Eddels 

Margaret Hamilton
Sheriff Chuck Bevans 

Joe Higgins

Sparky Marcus
Sweet Mama Ooze 

Van Snowden (costume)
Sidney Miller (voice)
Gertrude Gouch 

Fran Ryan
Sheldon the Sea Genie 

Rip Taylor
Aunt Zelda 

Mary Wickes



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