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Sir Prancelot, The Adventures of

1 9 7 2 (UK)
19 x 5 minute episodes

The Adventures of Sir Prancelot follows the exploits of the heroic but somewhat eccentric Sir Prancelot and his household as they set off for the Crusades to the Holy Land.

This animated tale originated from the same stable that produced Captain Pugwash which is evident from the crude and unique animation style. This five-minute adventure ran for only nineteen episodes and was first aired in 1972.

The principle characters were; Our titular hero, Sir Prancelot; The Lady Hysteria (wife of Sir Prancelot) who believes that “there is nothing like steel wool next to the skin”; Sim and Sue, the children; Master Gurth, the “mean old so and so” who administers the castle accounts; The Minstrel who happily narrates the adventures; Serfs Albert (Bert) and Harold (Harry) – two soldiers who are sent to carry out many harebrained plans; Pig William (or Pigwig) – the Lady Hysteria’s pet pig; the evil Count Otto the Blot (or Blotto) and Duke Uglio (“proper mean, real nasty”).

Throughout the course of the 19 episodes, Sir Prancelot and his soldiers prepare for the Crusades, finding along the way that their siege equipment is so big that they have to demolish the castle walls to get it outside.


Once underway, Prancelot and crew are attacked frequently by Count Otto, sworn mortal enemy of Sir Prancelot, and Prancelot must utilise his wacky inventions to aid his escape. He also falls foul of Duke Uglio who wants to steal his inventions.

The hapless English party eventually arrive at Crusader’s Castle only to find that they are fifty years too late! Sir Prancelot and the Household then have to try and make their way back to England.

Peter Hawkins