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Sir Yellow

1 9 7 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Yellow by name, Yellow by nature. The cowardly Sir Yellow ranges the land – accompanied by his faithful squire, Gregory (Melvyn Hayes) – in search of wine, wenches, wealth and wassail.

Set in the 13th century, but laced with contemporary “jokes”, Sir Yellow starred Jimmy Edwards as a cowardly knight who determinedly spends his time blustering around the countryside guzzling alcohol, chasing busty wenches (ironically Edwards had just revealed his homosexuality) and avoiding death at the hands of his enemy, Sir Griswold (Alan Curtis).

Early in his career, Sir Yellow had also had the misfortune to cross the Black Knight, who is now also determined to pursue Yellow to his death.

The first show went out on a Friday 13th and it was an ill omen. Sir Yellow began amid heightened expectations – Edwards had long been a major personality – but it fell from grace with alarming speed.

By the third episode, the series had been dropped from its Friday 7 pm timeslot to a graveyard post-midnight placing on Sunday.

Retrospectively, perhaps the only truly interesting thing about Sir Yellow is that an unknown youngish actor named Bob Hoskins had a minor role in one of the episodes.

Joust awful!

Sir Yellow 
Jimmy Edwards

Melvyn Hayes
Sir Griswold 

Alan Curtis

Michael Ripper
Black Knight 

Derek Deadman