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1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (UK)

Sixteen-year-old Stephen Hudis starred as Bobby Noel, the skiing boy of the title, with Patricia Haines and Frederick Jaeger as his parents.

If the thriving snowbound resort where they lived was ever troubled with stricken climbers or oddly-located smugglers, Bobby would go to the rescue – utilising his skiing skills naturally.

The series benefitted from extensive co-production funding and lavish location filming (St. Luc, Valais, Switzerland), though it did have an off-putting bland disco-funk theme tune.

Skiboy was not as successful in the UK as it was in France, where it was broadcast as À Skis Redoublés.

Bobby Noêl
Steve Hudis
Jacques Noêl
Patricia Haines
Jacques Noêl
Frederick Jaeger
Margot Alexis
Jean Noêl
Robert Coleby