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7 x episodes

skyOut of the sky falls a youth, not of this place or time, “part angel, part waif”, a youth with powers he can neither control nor understand.

This mysterious earth visitor and his attempts to rejoin his own time and dimension – and the three teenagers who discover him and set out to help – provided the unusual background for this intriguing seven-week HTV series which first aired on Monday 7 April 1975 at 4:50 pm.

Sky – written by playwrights Bob Baker and Dave Martin – was filmed at such legend-rich locations as Glastonbury Tor, Avebury and Stonehenge. The two writers had previously provided scripts for Doctor Who and were responsible for Arthur of the Britons.

The strange youth (Sky) is totally ignorant of his new earth surroundings. He is menaced by forces the teenagers who help him cannot understand.

He is also up against an enemy by the name of Goodchild (Robert Eddison), a sinister figure with the ability to materialise and dematerialise at will.

Although Sky is immature, he can harness the power of the Sun in his hand and compel humans to do what he wants.

So enter the group of three West Country children, Jane, Roy and Arby (played by Stuart Lock, Cherrald Butterfield and Richard Speight) who become involved in helping their mysterious new companion start back on his space journey without really knowing what is going on.

The main character was played by 17-year old Bristol-born Marc Harrison.

Marc Harrison
Stuart Lock
Cherrald Butterfield
Richard Speight
Robert Eddison