Home Television Drama Skyways


1 9 7 9 – 1 9 8 1 (Australia)
188 x 30 minute episodes

Despite the impressive uniforms, pilots and air hostesses proved to have less appeal than either doctors or policemen and this bi-weekly Aussie soap about aeroplane folk never quite took off.

Terry Stapleton created Skyways, which turned Tullamarine Airport (in Melbourne) into Pacific Airport and treated viewers to background sound effects – well, a continual roar of planes – and the sort of mind-numbing muzak that makes supermarket shopping such hell.


Tony Bonner wore the biggest frown as Paul McFarlane, the airport administrator, a man with a misunderstood wife and a beautiful daughter, Mandy (Gaynor Martin), who was keen to heal the rift between her parents.

Bill Stalker played his heavyweight ex-cop deputy, Peter Fanelli, a man with a Magnum P.I. moustache, a crumpled suit and a live-in lady friend he had rescued from prostitution.

Bartholomew John (who played Ronald McDonald in Australian McDonalds TV Adverts for many years) played a pin-up pilot with his cap at a jaunty angle, while Ken James (who had survived both Skippy and The Box) hung around the pretty girl at the information desk and worried his mum.

Tina Bursill was Louise Carter, the no-nonsense administrator of the airport, and there were several semi-sophisticated women with too much makeup, taking deep breaths and flirting with the dashing flying chaps.

Each week the script combined the continuing turmoil in the home life of the staff with a story about problem passengers – all sorts of weirdo’s, criminals, drug traffickers and fugitives. “Foreigners” mostly.

At one point, future Neighbours stars Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue appeared as somebody’s sulky children.

And the problem of air hostesses was not overlooked either. One poor dear was the victim of an aggressive lesbian who had big plans for a stopover night and turned nasty when told where to stick her champagne.

Nor was comedy forgotten. Pompous old George (Brian James) – the general manager, who spoke with an English accent as all truly ridiculous characters in Aussie soaps always do – got into a tizzy every week with his ‘arrangements’.

Skyways ultimately ended up making air travel seem more troublesome than glamorous.

Bill Stalker was killed in 1981 in a motorcycle accident in Toorak, Melbourne when his bike skidded on a wet road.

Captain Douglas Stewart 
Bruce Barry
Simon Young 

Ken James
Louise Carter 

Tina Bursill
George Tippett 

Brian James
Elaine McFarlane 

Carmen Duncan
Kelly Morgan 

Joanne Samuel
Nick Grainger 

Bartholomew John
Jacki Soong 

Deborah Coulls
Peter Fanelli 

Bill Stalker
Faye Peterson 

Kris McQuade
Paul McFarlane 

Tony Bonner
Robyn Davies 

Judy Morris
Mrs Young 

Irene Inescort
Alan McFarlane 

Andrew McKaige
Mandy McFarlane 

Gaynor Martin
Angie Murrie 

Kerry Armstrong
Belinda Phipps 

Kylie Foster
Gary Doolan
Gerard Kennedy
Chas Potter
Maurie Fields
John Hunter

Barry Creyton
Jerry Anderson

Peter Byrne
Sir Joseph Miles

Michael Duffield
Russell Bennett

Bevan Wilson
Sue Bennett

Sue Jones