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Snoop Sisters, The

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA)
5 x 90 minute episodes

Spinster Ernesta Snoop (Helen Hayes) and her widowed sister Gwendolyn (Mildred Natwick) who wrote murder mysteries for fun and profit became involved in actual murders in this NBC miniseries which played as one of the four elements of the NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie during the 1973/1974 season.

The eccentric sisters believed that their writing experience had also made them experts at solving crimes. To put their theory to the test – and to acquire story material – the sisters sought to solve real-life murder mysteries.

While they believed they were providing a public service, their nephew, Steve Ostrowski (Bert Convy), a lieutenant with the NYPD, felt they were putting their lives at risk. While he couldn’t stop them, he always looked out for them, hiring trusted ex-con Barney (Lou Antonio) to watch over his mischievous aunts.

Guest stars included singer Alice Cooper, who portrayed a witch called The Prince. The sisters enlisted the help of the ghoulish entertainer to lead them to a group of Satanists suspected of murder. Alice obliged and justice prevailed.

Ernesta Snoop
Helen Hayes
Gwendolyn “G” Snoop Nicholson
Mildred Natwick
Lt. Steve Ostrowski
Bert Convy
Lou Antonio


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