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Softly Softly : Task Force

1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 6 (UK)
131 x 50 minute episodes

Following on from the 1966 show Softly Softly (which itself was a spin-off from the classic Z Cars), Softly Softly : Task Force starred Stratford Johns as Barlow – the head of Thamesford Constabulary CID and the supervising officer of their Task Force group.

softlysoftlytaskforce3 softlysoftlytaskforce5

He was assisted by Inspector Watt (Frank Windsor) and Detective Sergeant Hawkins (Norman Bowler) under the guidance of Chief Constable Cullen (Walter Gotell).

Sadly, almost 50% of the episodes no longer exist in any form.

Stratford Johns
Inspector Watt 

Frank Windsor
Det Sgt Hawkins 

Norman Bowler
Chief Constable Cullen 

Walter Gotell