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Soldier and Me

1 9 7 4 (UK)
9 x 30 minute episodes

Two teenage boys witness the murder of an old man, only for the old man to turn up alive after the boys notify the police.

The man is an imposter, though, and the two lads spend the rest of the series evading capture from the killers, who are actually spies.

Richard Willis played Istvan Szolda (“Soldier”), a geeky National Health spectacles-wearing Czech outsider in a tough inner-city comprehensive school, and Gerry Sundquist was Jim Woolcott (the ‘me’ of the title), the bigger, tougher, streetwise rough diamond who sticks up for Soldier against the local bullies and then can’t shake him off afterwards.

This popular Granada series aired in 1974 on Sunday afternoons at 4.50 pm. The story took in the less salubrious parts of Manchester and Stockport, as well as the wilds of the Pennines and the Lake District with the boys jumping off speeding trains and crossing stormy lakes to escape their pursuers.

The shoot took a 25-strong unit four months to film.

Gerry Sundquist took his own life in 1993 at the age of 37.


Istvan ‘Soldier’ Szolda
Richard Willis
Jim Woolcott
Gerald Sundquist
Henchman Smiler
Constantine Gregory
Henchman Greasy
Richard Ireson
The Boss
Milos Kirek
Derrick O’Connor
Mrs Woolcott
Sally Sanders
Ron Nixon
Murray Leach
Dr Nixon
Richard Wilson
Grandpa Nixon
Alan Francis
Mrs Nixon
Alison Lloyd
Nellie Hanham


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