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Solo One

1 9 7 6  (Australia)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Another Australian cop show by Crawford Productions. Solo One saw Paul Cronin reprising his role from Matlock Police of motorcycle cop Senior Constable Gary Hogan.


With the radio call sign of “Solo-1”, Hogan was now stationed in the small country town of Emerald.

Paul Cronin was born in Jamestown, South Australia, on 8 July 1939. He farmed after leaving school and later worked for an Adelaide firm of consulting engineers.

A keen athlete, Cronin was South Australian state champion in the 200 metres hurdles for three years and represented SA in interstate competition.

After bit parts in the series’ Homicide and Division 4, his first regular role was as motorcycle policeman Gary Hogan in Matlock Police (1971 – 1975).


Cronin cemented his TV acting career here as Hogan, saying things like “Solo One to VKC . . . Are you there, Shirl?” and eventually went on to do very well as Dave Sullivan in The Sullivans (1976 – 1982).

Senior Constable Gary Hogan 
Paul Cronin
Aunt Nan 

Aileen Britton
Joe Porter 

Keith Eden


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