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Sons and Daughters

1 9 7 4 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

It’s the 1950s, Eisenhower is in the White House, teenagers double-date at the malt shop, and Jeff Reed (Gary Frank) and Anita Cramer (Glynnis O’Connor) are going steady.

At the same time they are dealing with difficult family readjustments: Jeff’s father has just died of a heart attack, and Anita’s mother has left her husband and daughter and moved in with another man.

Debuting on CBS on Wednesday 11 September 1974, Sons and Daughters followed Anita, Jeff and an assortment of classmates through their senior year at Southwest High.

Each episode was a self-contained drama, but the leading characters – and their problems – continued from one week to the next. Accompanied wherever they went by the pop music hits of the day, of course.

Sh-boom sh-boom, ya-ta-ta ya-ta-ta ya-ta-ta . . .

Anita Cramer
Glynnis O’Connor
Jeff Reed
Gary Frank
Ruth Cramer
Jan Shutan
Walter Cramer
John S. Ragin
Mary Anne
Laura Siegel
Lucille Reed
Jay W. MacIntosh
Danny Reed
Michael Morgan
Murray ‘Moose’ Kerner
Barry Livingston
Stanley ‘Stash’ Melnick
Scott Colomby
Evie Martinson
Debralee Scott
Lionel Johnston
Christopher S. Nelson