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Space Academy

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 9 (USA)
15 x 30 minute episodes

The Nova Blue Team is a group of young cadets assigned for training on the man-made planetoid Space Academy in the year 3732.


Under the guidance of Commander Isaac Gampu (played by Jonathan ‘Dr Smith’ Harris of Lost In Space fame), and assisted
by Lieutenant Paul Jerome (Ty Henderson), the crew encountered new life forms, planets and civilisations as part of their mission.

One of the first things they encountered was Loki (Eric Greene), a young boy with the power of invisibility. A playful prankster, Loki could also teleport and could see well beyond the visible spectrum normally accessible by Earth humans. His frequent catchphrase was “Camelopardus!”


The cadets were Chris Gentry (Ric Carrott), his sister Laura (Pamelyn Ferdin), Tee Gar Soom (Brian Tochi) and Adrian Pryce-Jones (Maggie Cooper). Aiding them in their mission was Peepo, a pint-sized robot with its own personality.

Each adventure provided a learning experience for the crew and almost all of the stories had a moral to them.

Commander Isaac Gampu 
Jonathan Harris 
Lieutenant Paul Jerome 

Ty Henderson 
spaceacademy7Captain Chris Gentry 
Ric Carrott 
Cadet Laura Gentry 

Pamelyn Ferdin 
Cadet Adrian Pryce-Jones

Maggie Cooper 
Cadet Tee Gar Soom

Brian Tochi 

Eric Greene


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