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Squirrels, The

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 7 (UK)
29 x 30 minute episodes

A tyrannical boss, unchecked male chauvinism, pranks, malingering and in-fighting were among the workplace hazards for the staff of the bickering accounts department of International Rentals, a TV hire company.


This ATV comedy featured jovially undemanding mishaps (eg: a month’s supply of crisps goes AWOL from the canteen) and featured Bernard Hepton, Ken Jones and Patsy Rowlands in the lineup of a frustrated and occasionally rebellious team (and wife).

Guest stars included Philip Madoc, Leslie Schofield and Alun Armstrong.

Those contributing scripts included a young Phil (Hollyoaks) Redmond and former Randall & Hopkirk: Deceased star, Kenneth Cope.

The series stemmed from a one-off play and proved its worth when creator Eric Chappell (Rising Damp) economically recycled it in 1991 as Fiddlers Three.

22 of the original 29 episodes still exist and are available on DVD.

Mr Fletcher (“J.F.”)
Bernard Hepton
Ken Jones
Patsy Rowlands
Alan David
Ellis Jones
Karin McCarthy