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Starlost, The

1 9 7 3 (Canada)
16 x 60 minute episodes

This low-budget Canadian obscurity was seemingly produced with the money left over from Doctor Who.

Nevertheless, the show has hard sci-fi credibility, as it was created by writer Harlan Ellison. Unhappy with changes made to his concept for the show, Ellison had his credit changed to the pseudonym Cordwainer Bird.

The production also attempted to utilise a new special-effects set-up dubbed the Magicam.

Set after 2885 AD, the earth has been abandoned by the humans that poisoned it in various ways and a great spaceship – Earthship Ark – is constructed with a series of 53 domes – each 100 miles in diameter – housing various cultures.


At some point in their journey, an accident occurs killing the crew and destroying the control room and bridge, and the domes are sealed off.

Over time, the different societies in the various domes come to believe only in their own world and are unaware they are part of a massive starship.

Three individuals – Devon (Keir Dullea), Rachel (Gay Rowan) and Garth  (Robin Ward) – from ‘Cyprus Corners’ (a dome with an Amish-style agrarian community) discover the truth.

They also learn that the Ark is on a collision course with a g-class star.

The series revolved around their subsequent attempts to save the Ark and their adventures bouncing between the various domes, or biospheres.

The limited run of 16 episodes aired in syndication around the United States.

Keir Dullea
Gay Rowan
Robin Ward
William Osler