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Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris, The

1 9 7 9 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Set in the Regency days of 19th century England, this six-part serial follows two engaging wheeler-dealers, Bostock (Matthew Beamish) and Harris (Jim Harris), who are trying to find Harris’ seven-week-old baby sister, Adelaide, after they rather carelessly lose her.

The two young gentlemen attend an Academy for Young Gentlemen run by Dr Bunnion (Derek Francis) and decide to emulate the ancient Greeks, “borrowing” Adelaide for a ceremony but leaving her on a lonely hillside. When they return for her, she has vanished.

A gypsy baby is substituted at one point before they finally locate the little soul in the local orphanage, The Asylum for Foundling Children.

The production has a quirky period comic strip style, and Freddie Jones, in particular, seems to enjoy his role as the villain of the piece, Mr Raven, always skulking in doorways, hidden from view by a black cloak swept theatrically over his face.

The series was based on the 1971 novel by Leon Garfield.

Jim Harris
Matthew Beamish
Mr Brett
Timothy Davies
Dr Bunnion
Derek Francis
Mrs Bunnion
Jean Harvey
Ralph Bunnion
Richard Wren
Major Alexander
Patrick Newell
Tizzy Alexander
Amanda Kirby
Mrs Alexander
Lila Kaye
Selwyn Raven
Freddie Jones
Christian Bullock
Dr Harris
John Ringham
Mrs Harris
Jane Lowe
Patricia Lancaster
Will Stampe
Mr Frederick
Alun Lewis
Christopher Wilkinson
Mrs Bonney
Elizabeth Begley
Mary Harris
Tracey Childs
Rachel Thomas
Catherine Harris
Fiona Hendry
Sir Walter Sorley
Douglas Blackwell
Morgan’s Sister
Iona Banks
Kate Lock
Adam Alexander
Gorden Kaye
Barry Dransfield
Captain Bostock
Alan Haywood
Mrs Bostock
Sheila Mitchell