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Struck by Lightning

1 9 7 9 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

Following the death of his grandfather, Emil Stein, high school science teacher Ted Stein (Jeffrey Kramer) inherits the spooky Bridgewater Inn – a decrepit Victorian lodge located off Highway 14 in Massachusetts which is inhabited by its strange looking caretaker Frank (Jack Elam).

Ted has no use for the inn and decides to sell it – a decision which angers Frank, who tries to scare Ted out of selling the inn.

When his efforts fail, he takes Ted to a secret lab beneath the inn where Ted learns he is the last remaining descendant of the notorious Dr Frankenstein, and that Frank is, in actuality, Frankenstein’s Monster.

Ted decides to hang around the inn to try and discover the secret formula to the serum that keeps Frank – who is now 230 years old – alive while keeping Frank’s identity a secret.

Only three episodes of the CBS series were aired in the US before it was cancelled. The series was later screened in its entirety in the UK.

Nora Calvin (Millie Slavin) was the manager of the inn, Walt (Richard Stahl) was Nora’s real estate salesman husband and Brian (Jeff Cotler) was their son.

Jack Elam
Ted Stein
Jeffrey Kramer
Nora Calvin
Millie Slavin
Brian Calvin
Jeff Cotler
Walt Calvin
Richard Stahl
Glenn Diamond
Bill Erwin