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Super Flying Fun Show, The

1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 9 (Australia)

A live weekday morning Australian children’s programme from TCN 9, The Super Flying Fun Show was hosted by Miss Marilyn (Marilyn Mayo), accompanied by former electrician Rod Hull (originally as a character called ‘Clotty’) with his puppet, Emu.


When Hull returned to his native England in 1971 (and ultimately to fame and fortune and his own TV show, Emu’s Broadcasting Company) he was replaced by Marty Morton – who was also a co-producer of the show – although he kept Emu.

Regular characters included Wing Ding (A human-sized chicken sponsoring a fast food chain), the Paddle Pop Lion (A human-sized lion sponsoring a brand of ice-cream), and Freddo Frog (A human-sized frog sponsoring a brand of chocolate). Between the live segments were cartoons (usually American) and occasional live musical performances.

The show ran until late in 1979 when it was replaced by cartoons.