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Super, The

1 9 7 2 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

All Joe Girelli (Richard S. Castellano) wanted was a cold beer, a pizza, and a TV.

But Joe was the superintendent of an old, nearly-condemned walk-up apartment building in a lower-middle-class section of New York City, so what he got instead was tenants banging on the pipes, tenants complaining about him and about each other, a family that wouldn’t leave him alone, and a city that wanted to condemn his building.

Francesca (Ardell Sheridan, Castellano’s real-life wife) was his wife; Joanne (Margaret E. Castellano) his daughter (also in real-life); Anthony (Bruno Kirby) his disobedient, wise-cracking son; and Frankie (Phil Mishkin) his big-shot lawyer brother.

The tenants encompassed every possible ethnic group. Among the most visible tenants were Officer Clark (Ed Peck); his wife, Dottie (Virginia Vincent); Mrs Stein (Janet Brandt); and Louie (Louie Basile).

Joe Girelli
Richard S. Castellano
Francesca Girelli
Ardell Sheridan
Joanne Girelli
Margaret E. Castellano
Anthony Girelli
Bruno Kirby
Frankie Girelli
Phil Mishkin
Officer Clark
Ed Peck
Dottie Clark
Virginia Vincent
Louis Basile
Sylvia Stein
Janet Brandt