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Swiss Family Robinson

1 9 7 4 (Canada)
26 x 30 minute episodes

The Swiss Family Robinson (a classic story by Johann Wyss) told the tales of the Robinsons – father, mother and three kids – who were ship-wrecked on an island around the year 1800.

This children’s television series featured action, adventure and survival stories, with a touch of comedy too.

Father Johann Robinson (Chris Wiggins) had a touch of the John Wayne about him, while his wife, Elizabeth (Diana Leblanc) could be as soft as angel’s hair or as tough as a tiger.

The elder son Ernest (Michael Duhig) was a strong, silent type, physical and adventurous, but a bit too impetuous for his own good. His younger brother, Franz (Ricky O’Neill) was more scholarly. 8-year-old Marie (Heather Graham) loved telling jokes and wasn’t at all shy.

The series premiered on ITV on Monday 12 August 1974, at 4.50 pm.

Johann Robinson
Chris Wiggins
Elizabeth Robinson
Diana Leblanc
Ernest Robinson
Michael Duhig
Franz Robinson
Ricky O’Neill
Marie Robinson
Heather Graham


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