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1 9 7 7 –  1 9 7 8 (USA)

Nick Szysznyk (Ned Beatty) was a retired marine, used to the discipline and order of military life, who had taken on a new job as a playground supervisor at the Northeast Community Center in a poor neighbourhood in Washington DC.

Coping with the bureaucracy in the city government that funded the centre, his coworkers, and the street kids who used the centre, all proved challenging to him – and to them as well.

Also starring were Olivia Cole as his boss, district supervisor Ms Harrison; Susan Lanier as Sandi the nursery school teacher; Leonard Barr as the center’s equipment manager; and Jarrod Johnson, Barry Miller, Scott Colomby and Thomas Carter as the center’s prime habitues.

Highly successful in its initial run on CBS against repeat programming during the summer, Szysznyk (pronounced “ziznik”) returned in December 1977 against stronger competition and lasted only two months.

Nick Szysznyk
Ned Beatty
Ms Harrison
Olivia Cole
Sandi Chandler  
Susan Lanier
Leonard Kriegler
Leonard Barr
Jarrod Johnson
Barry Miller
Tony La Placa
Scott Colomby
Ray Gun
Thomas Carter