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Tales of Unease

1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 1 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This seven-part Friday night anthology series from LWT was based on black humour, savage irony and matter-of-fact menace. These weren’t horror stories per se but were certainly intended to leave the viewer feeling uneasy.

Ride Ride

A young art student takes a beautiful girl home after a dance but discovers that she is no longer on the pillion of his motorcycle.

Anthony Jackson
Janet Lees Price
James Hazeldine
Myles Reithermann
Susan George
Fiona Gaunt
Mr Stone
James Ottaway

Calculated Nightmare

Two business executives are trapped for the night on a deserted office floor by a disgruntled employee who has hacked the elevator system.

John Stratton
Michael Culver
Ursula Mohan
Larry Dann
Peter Madden

The Black Goddess

Working in a coal mine, Iestyn Morgan (David Lloyd Meredith) suspects that his fellow miner, Bill Rees (Ronald Lewis) is losing his mind as he often rambles about seeing ‘The Black Goddess’ – an evil spirit which haunts the workings demanding a human sacrifice. Bill’s talk becomes terrifyingly real when the two men are trapped in a pitfall.

Bill Rees
Ronald Lewis
Iestyn Morgan
David Lloyd Meredith
John Daniels
David Davies
Brian Griffiths

It’s Too Late Now

Inside a beautiful, isolated English country house, Sarah (Rachel Kempson) turns a key, locking her writer husband (Kenneth Keeling) in his windowless cell-like study after years of suffering dejection.

Frightened, yet amused by her first positive action in 20 years of marriage, she wonders what she will do when he realises his predicament. She will let him out, of course – or will she?

Rachel Kempson
Kenneth Keeling

Superstitious Ignorance

Penny (Tessa Wyatt) and Edward (Jeremy Clyde) are eager to purchase their dream house. However, the landlady (Eve Pearce) warns them about weird occurrences in one of the upstairs rooms.

Jeremy Clyde
Tessa Wyatt
Mrs Laristo
Eve Pearce
Leonard Trolley
Richard Caruana

Bad Bad Jo Jo

Louche and cynical, Kayo Hathaway (Roy Dotrice) has created a wildly successful comic strip featuring “Bad Bad Jo Jo”, a murderous hulking white racist, and his cackling mother.

Hathaway is about to go into tax exile but decides to entertain a couple of fans. The two fans like to dress up as the characters and act out their fantasies. Hathaway is their next victim.

Kayo Hathaway
Roy Dotrice
Frank Jones
Richard Pendrey
Ian Trigger

The Old Banger

John (Terence Rigby) and Susan (Pinkie Johnstone) Partridge take their old car to a scrap yard, only to keep seeing it again in the streets they are using.

John Partridge
Terence Rigby
Susan Partridge
Pinkie Johnstone
Neil McCarthy
Richardson Morgan
Scrap dealer
Denis Cleary