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Ted Knight Show, The

1 9 7 8 (USA)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Ted Knight, the empty-headed newscaster on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, landed his own series with this frothy short-lived CBS comedy about an escort service in New York City.

Dennis Escorts was a strictly high-class outfit, located in a posh Manhattan apartment building. It was staffed by some lovely young ladies, and headed by the suave, middle-aged Roger Dennis (Knight), who clucked over his brood like a mother hen.

Complicating matters was Roger’s no-nonsense businessman brother, Burt (Normann Burton), who had financed the enterprise and saddled it with his wisecracking sister-in-law Dottie (Iris Adrian) who served as the receptionist.

Other cast members were Roger’s college-age son, Winston (Thomas Leopold), who was trying to break into the business – and make time with the girls – and the mailman, Hobart (Claude Stroud), who had his eye on Dottie.

Roger Dennis
Ted Knight
Burt Dennis
Normann Burton
Winston Dennis
Thomas Leopold
Iris Adrian
Cissy Colpitts
Fawne Harriman
Ellen Regan
Philadelphia Phil Brown
Tanya Boyd
Janice Kent
Deborah Harmon
Hobart Nalven
Claude Stroud