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Telford’s Change

1 9 7 9 (UK)
10 x 50 minute episodes

Depending on your point of view, Telford’s Change was either a serial about the menopausal mid-life muddle of a moping bank manager or a ten-week campaign to prove that bankers aren’t as boring as we thought.


Either way, Peter Barkworth had a hit on his hands.

High-achieving bank manager Mark Telford decided to downshift to a provincial manager’s job, but his London-loving wife, Sylvia (Hannah Gordon) – with her sights on a showbiz career – refused to go. Episodes subsequently followed the resultant strain on their marriage.

The very provincialism of the series gave it an air of believability, enforced by Peter Barkworth’s just-so performance as Telford.

Middle-class ladies revelled in it and Mary Whitehouse found it “very sexy” but (and this must be a record) “liked it”.

Mark Telford
Peter Barkworth
Sylvia Telford
Hannah Gordon 
Tim Hart 

Keith Barron

Nula Conwell
Peter Telford 

Michael Maloney