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1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA)
5 x 90 minute episodes

Harry Tenafly (James McEachin) was a rarity amongst television’s private detectives: He was black and a dedicated and happy family man. Unlike most private detectives, Harry was neither chasing nor being chased by, beautiful women.

He lived in Los Angeles with his wife, Ruth (Lillian Lehman), and their son, Herb (Paul Jackson).

He was happy with his family and saw his job with High Tower Investigations Inc. as only a job.

The action in the series was divided between his home and his office life.

His friend and confidant at the police department was Lieutenant Sam Church (David Huddleston), who often got Harry out of jams.

Tenafly was one of the four rotating elements in the 1973-1974 edition of NBC’s Wednesday/Tuesday Mystery Movie.

Harry Tenafly
James McEachin
Ruth Tenafly
Lillian Lehman
Herb Tenafly
Paul Jackson
Rosanna Huffman
Lt Sam Church
David Huddleston