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Trouble with Tracy, The

1 9 7 0 (Canada)
130 x 30 minute episodes

This infamously awful low-budget sitcom was shot in Toronto (but set in New York) and loosely based on a 1940s radio and TV comedy series called Easy Aces.

Because of time restraints and a small budget, some of the old Easy Aces scripts were updated for the show. For the same reasons, there were very few retakes and many dialogue flubs were left in.

Dizzy and naive Tracy Young (Diane Nyland) wore a lot of miniskirts while her husband, Doug (Steve Weston), headed an advertising agency.

Doug had a secretary named Sally Anderson (Bonnie Brooks) and a “flower-child” brother named Paul (Franz Russell) who was always short of cash. Tracy’s meddling mother, Mrs Sherwood (Sylvia Lennick), appeared occasionally.

Originally piloted under the title The Married Youngs, the show was renamed when it went to series by producer Seymour Berns, who named it after his daughter Tracy.

In Canada, the series ran Monday to Friday afternoons on CTV, lasting an astounding 130 episodes, thanks to the Canadian content regulations of the time. Reruns of The Trouble with Tracy ran until the mid-1980s.

Diane Nyland Proctor passed away on 6 October 2014 of heart disease. She was 70.

Tracy Young
Diane Nyland
Doug Young
Steve Weston
Mrs Sherwood
Sylvia Lennick