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1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (USA)
12 x episodes

This short-lived series debuted on NBC on 10 September 1977 and revolved around the adventures of a black stallion named Thunder, who ran wild near the Prescott family’s ranch.

The ranch was home to Bill Prescott (Clint Ritchie), his veterinarian wife Anne (Melissa Converse) and their daughter Cindy (Melora Hardin). Cindy’s friend Willie Williams (Justin Randi) was always on hand too.

Whenever trouble brewed, Thunder would ride in and save the day.

The series was briefly retitled Super Horse, Starring Thunder in the hope that ratings would improve. They didn’t, and the show ended in February 1978.


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Bill Prescott  
Clint Ritchie
Anne Prescott  

Melissa Converse
Cindy Prescott  

Melora Hardin 
William Williams  

Justin Randi