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1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA)

Like Serpico, this series followed the adventures of an undercover detective based on the maverick exploits of a real cop – in this case, Dave Toma of the Newark, New Jersey PD.

The real Toma – whose mastery of disguises helped him catch the toughest criminals in the world during his time as an undercover cop – served as a consultant and guested in every episode.

Toma (Tony Musante) was a maverick who preferred to work alone, enjoyed taking big risks, and didn’t like to use his gun.

These habits did not endear him to his vice squad boss (Simon Oakland), who was constantly hoping that Toma would follow his orders occasionally, or to his wife, Patty (Susan Strasberg) who wanted to see a little more of her husband.


Although a ratings success, the show was canned after one season because leading man Musante found the production schedule a grinding chore.

ABC imported a new star, Robert Blake, tweaked the format and issued Baretta in its place.

Detective Dave Toma
Tony Musante
Inspector Spooner
Simon Oakland
Patty Toma
Susan Strasberg
Jimmy Toma
Sean Manning
Donna Toma
Michelle Livingston