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Until Tomorrow

1 9 7 5 (Australia)
180 x 30 minute episodes

Until Tomorrow was a sub-standard and short-lived daytime Aussie soap from the Grundy Organisation. Creator Reg Watson would go on to much greater success in the 1980s with Neighbours.

Set in Brisbane (rather than the more traditional locations of Sydney or Melbourne), Until Tomorrow examined the activities of various residents of suburban Vale Street. Storylines involved revenge plots, murder, affairs, and blindness.

The cast included television personality Hazel Phillips as neighbourhood gossip Marge Stewart, Babette Stephens as Charlotte Roberts, and the then-unknown Barry Otto as Trevor McKenzie.

The Channel Seven show was one of the few Australian soap operas produced for a daytime slot. It originally aired at 2.30 pm, opposite the US serial General Hospital. It experienced low ratings, however, and by July 1975 had moved to an 11.30 am slot.

Until Tomorrow was cancelled after a run of 180 episodes with none of the storylines concluding in the final episode.

Bill Wainwright
Ron Cadee
Valerie Vernon
Cynthia Cooper
Dr Janet Kingsford
Elaine Cusick
Daphne ‘Gran’ Gilchrist
Jean Jarrott
Berys Marsh
Jackson Kerridge
John Nash
Trevor McKenzie
Barry Otto
Marge Stewart
Hazel Phillips
Dr Grant Roberts
Robert Quilter
Sharon Vernon
Rose Ricketts
Sue McKenzie
Sue Robinson
Dr Warwick Curtis
Harry Scott
Charlotte Roberts
Babette Stephens
Angela Wainwright
Kay Stevenson
Laura Mitchell
Muriel Watson