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Tony Randall Show, The

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 8 (USA)
44 x 30 minute episodes

Tony Randall starred as Walter Franklin – a rather proper widower and none-too-stern judge in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia – facing a range of recalcitrant characters in the courtroom and at home.

His stuffy nature made him the perfect foil for his two super-bright children, 18-year-old Bobby (Devon Scott initially and then Penny Peyser) and 11-year-old Oliver (Brad Savage), his motherly but nutty housekeeper Mrs Bonnie McClellen (Rachel Roberts) and his domineering and sharp-tongued secretary, Janet Reubner (Allyn Ann McLerie).

While he would not exactly call Judge Eleanor Hooper (Diana Muldaur) his girlfriend or his romantic interest, he was seeing her and referred to her as his “lady friend”.

Other regular characters included Walter’s law clerk Judy (Brooke Adams), his obnoxious associate Mario Lanza (Zane Lasky), his liberal-minded father, Wyatt (Hans Conried), ultra-accurate court stenographer Jack Terwilliger (Barney Martin) and Jack’s wife Tanya (Helen Page Camp).

Judge Walter Franklin
Tony Randall
Jack Terwilliger 

Barney Martin
Janet Reubner 

Allyn Ann McLerie
Mrs Bonnie McClellen 
Rachel Roberts 
Oliver Wendell Franklin 

Brad Savage
Roberta “Bobby” Franklin 
Devon Scott
Penny Peyser
Jack Terwilliger
Barney Martin
Tanya Terwilliger
Helen Page Camp
Judge Eleanor Hooper
Diana Muldaur
Judy Trowbridge
Brooke Adams
Mario Lanza
Zane Lasky
Wyatt Franklin
Hans Conried
Steve Hershaw