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Top Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs, The

1 9 7 4 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

David Jason starred as the hapless and equally hopeless (but fiercely patriotic) MI5 agent Edgar Briggs in this LWT comedy.

Briggs was transferred to the Secret Intelligence Service – as assistant to the Commander (Noel Coleman) no less – as the result of an administrative error. With a lot of luck and the love of his wife, Jennifer (Barbara Angell), Briggs managed to bumble his way through 13 episodes.


The first episode set the tone for the series perfectly, with Briggs falling over furniture and getting soaked whilst fully clothed in a Turkish bath. Jason insisted on doing many of the stunts himself – including taking a dive to the ground from several storeys up.

The series was specially written for David Jason by Bernard McKenna and Richard Laing at the behest of producer Humphrey Barclay, who ‘discovered’ Jason performing in a theatre on Bournemouth pier and introduced him to the British public via Do Not Adjust Your Set.

Edgar Briggs
David Jason

Noel Coleman
Jennifer Briggs

Barbara Angell
Gary Waldhorn

Ricardo Montez

Michael Stainton

Elizabeth Counsell

Mark Eden

Percy Herbert

Dave Prowse



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